Supa Cent’s Ex Tried To Call Her An Unfit Mother And She Annihilated Him


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Last night, tea was spilled on the dissolution of the relationship between business woman Supa Cent and her fiancé Lou—or Louis as he was called last night.

As we reported earlier, the two broke up back in July after messages of Lou corresponding with an underage girl hit the internet.


After a breakup in the past, Supa chose herself.


And just last week, she revealed to social media that she had a new man.

From the looks of Supa’s story, that’s when things got dicey between herself and Lou. Days after she popped up with a new man, Lou posted a message on his Instagram stories claiming that Supa was keeping him from the daughter they share Lea and that he planned on taking her to court to ensure their custody agreement was a fair one.

In the story, Lou wrote, “For years I’ve let you make others think I was cheating on you, I never said anything about it. I hate it’s coming to this but you doin h*e sh*t out of spite cause u still mad at me luv, there’s one thing I will die behind or do life behind. That’s MY DAUGHTER & you kno that. I can careless about who u f*ck, respect my child and yourself. If you don’t have time for her bring her to me or I can come get her and bring her back when u get done. Jus giv me my child luv ain’t like u have time for her I don’t wanna take you to court behind my but u leaving me no choice!!”

It’s easy to see why Supa may have taken offense to this. Instead of reaching out to her, he claimed on social media, that she was an unfit mother, too busy to devote time to her daughter, and maliciously keeping their child from her father. And I’m sure the threat of taking her to court didn’t sit too well with Supa either.

And she responded with a game of twenty questions.

 “How you gon take me to court, Louis? What address you gon use, Louis? What ID you gon use, Louis? How you gon pay for these court fees, Louis? If you come get Lea right now, where she gon go, Louis? Who house she gon be by, Louis? Where is her room? Who car are you going to come pick her up in, Louis? What car seat you gon have to put her in, Louis?

Now, it’s a lot of things I ain’t never play with you bout. You know I can air you the f*ck out. It’s a lot of things I never play with you bout. But see how you got on social media trying to show out in front somebody?! B*tch, I will find you and smack the f*ck out you?! You want to bring this to social media when you could have called my phone, or you could have DMed me, inboxed me or something. You want to bring it to social media cause you mad? Watch my muthaf*ckin smoke. Now you’re not gon get Lea, b*tch. And you can have her when you want. But now you can’t have her, how bout that?”

Later, Supa posted text messages between herself and Lou. He claimed that he had been asking to meet up when Supa was busy. She told him to take her to court. And that’s when he responded, “You kno I ain’t taking u to kno (sic) f*ckin court luv I just want my child when you have something to do.”

Supa shared that Lea was just returned to her on Sunday night and it’s Tuesday so Lou’s claims that he has been denied seeing his daughter are ridiculous.

She said that Lou has already humiliated her once and to now bring their daughter into this and make public claims about her parenting are too much.

But things didn’t stop there.

Later, in a 13 minute Instagram Live video, Supa dropped some piping hot tea in regards to her relationship with Louis, his current financial status and more.

“I got Lea back Sunday, today is f*ckin Tuesday. Why is you making it seem like I kidnapped your child. Me and Lou since July 23, 2020. It’s over. It’s done. I can count on one hand how many times I seen Louis in person. When he asked to come get Lea, I said I can have Niecy drop her off. He said, ‘I find it funny how we can’t see each other.’ What the f*ck we got to see each other for?! I don’t want to look at you, h*e.

We ain’t have no problems with Lea until I got a n*gga. Not to mention, I think you got a girl too, right.  I posted something on live. Then he turned around and posted something with ole girl. Cool. Now, it blew me cuz I don’t know if he found out about me posting something or not. He already told me he had a girlfriend. Before I even said I had a boyfriend. I guess he’s been trying to get some type of reaction out of me but it’s not gon happen.

You need a girlfriend, b*tch, so your daughter can have somewhere to stay. I don’t give a f*ck where you have Lea, who you have her around because I trust that as a father, you not gon have her around nobody that’s going to cause harm to her. Whoever you f*ck with, I do not f*ckin care, my n*gga.

We is not together. I know you is not gon to have this child around nobody you do not trust. I know that already because you ain’t that type of n*gga. I don’t care who you f*ck with.

When The Shade Room posted the picture of me and my dude and turned around and posted the picture of Lou on Live with some girl, why would you text me that same night telling me you love me, why? Why?! Why?! Why?!

That is the ultimate disre-f*ckin-pect. First of all, I felt played for the girl…Who ain’t respond was me.

What is we doing all this for? What is the problem, Louis?

Not to mention, first of all, I don’t never want to see my baby daddy without nothing. I don’t want you to be all the way with nothing. When I made that page for Lea, I knew a lot of people were going to come on that page and ask for promo. I just knew it. Lea cute. She put on clothes, she look nice. She look decent. I don’t do paid promo. But if you want to do it with my children, that’s something different. So  Lea got a page, she got a little following.

So I told Lou, I gave him the password to the page. I said you do the promo on the page so you can make some money. This was after we broke up. B*tch I could have told you to eat two d*cks. But no, cuz I don’t want to see you without that bag. Handle the promo so you can get paid. I mean, f*ck that’s your daughter too, right. Get paid. Make some money! F*ck go make some money. He went to lackin on that. Ok, whatever.

Not to mention, the boy just asked for $500. I’m like ok I’ll give it to you but I want it back. He asked to use one of my cars. B*tch, why? We not together. You not bout to be riding around in one of my muthaf*ckin car and people gon be like, ‘Supa must still f*ck with her baby daddy because he’s riding around in her car.’ Why the f*ck would I let you drive around in my truck and me and you not together.

And my other baby daddy, his car in the shop. I’m like if your car is in the shop, why didn’t you ask to use one of my cars? My first baby daddy, he got a job, a good job. He works 12 hour shifts. So I don’t want you to not have. Again, I don’t want to see none of my baby daddy’s without nothing. This man needed a car to drive to work. My baby daddy got three kids.

This boy gon get mad at me, ‘Oh, why you let Phil…’ B*tch, where you got to go? Where do you got to go?

First, I hate the fact that I’m saying my baby daddies. Lawd, you know I ain’t never want that…He didn’t even ask, I suggested because he has a job. He works seven days a week, 12 hour shift…Why is you upset with me cuz I let my baby daddy use my truck and you and me not together? Why?! Why?! Where is all this tension coming from? I even gave you $500 to get you a rental. What you gon do when you have to give the rental back? You think I’ma keep helping? I ain’t have to do that? I didn’t have to do nothing. B*tch we was together three and half years. I did a lot for you, b*tch. And for us to break up and you leave with nothing, who fault is that? Not mine. It ain’t my fault. When we broke up, you left with nothing. When I tell you nothing, nothing.

And you want to tell me I’m unfit, b*tch. You want to play with me when it comes to  my children. My first baby daddy aint never called me unfit. Me? Not me, huh? Not the muthaf*ckin breadwinner. Not the b*tch who still helping making sure that you’re alright and I ain’t gotta give you nothing.

You brought this to the media.

…We go four days each. I just got my daughter back Sunday. Why you want her? I guess you want her back because you see I got my children around somebody. I ain’t say nothing about your girlfriend. I don’t know the girl, never met the girl. Don’t even care. But I know for a fact, if you been having Lea, I know y’all have been around each other. And that’s totally fine with me. I don’t give two lovely f*cks. But don’t come telling me what I can do with my child on my time. B*tch, you her daddy, not mine. Don’t play with me. Don’t tell me who I can have my child around. B*tch, my child should be around you, you pedophile ass b*tch.”

You can watch Supa’s full comments in the video below.

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