#MAFS Sneak Peek: This Is How Karen Responded To Miles Scheduling Sex


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The highlight of last week’s “Married At First Sight” episode was Miles trying and failing to have a conversation with Karen about physical intimacy. Read: Sex.

After two weeks of marriage, they had begun to kiss one another and there were other signs that Karen was getting more comfortable to signs of physical affection.


So, in what appeared to be him taking the lead, he broached the subject of sex. Immediately, Karen tensed up. And Miles called her out on it. He said he noticed that talking about physical intimacy was difficult for her.


She assured him that it wasn’t but she just didn’t feel like they were there yet.

I’d argue that physical intimacy and sex won’t be good without those initial conversations—if they happen at all—but that’s just my opinion.

Either way, ahead of tonight’s episode, we have a sneak peek on what Karen did after Miles attempted to jokingly schedule sex for the two of them.

Spoiler: she left the house.

Miles: Karen chose not to come home last night and my anxiety right now is a little high.

Karen: Last night, I decided to not stay at the apartment with Miles. I decided to stay at my place. He made me really upset with some of the comments that he made and things that he did at dinner. We just had our first kiss so where is all this sex talk coming from all of a sudden. It’s just making me question what his intentions are and even just what type of person he is. Like, are you able to be that patient guy? What really was your intent behind what you did?

Miles shared that he was being playful in the moment.

Check out her explanation as to why and Miles’ reaction in the video below.


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