Coach D. From “Bring It” Responds To Comparisons To Netflix Film “Cuties”


Bring It! Live 2016 Tour

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Weeks ago, we wrote about the backlash the movie Cuties received when Netflix’s debuted a poster that seemed to sexualize the films young stars.

Then when the movie was released on Netflix’s streaming platform, the conversation resurfaced, this time with a Cancel Netflix hashtag and commentary from right-wing politicians. There has been a lot of conversation about Netflix dropping the ball in the promotion of the film and whether it promotes the sexualization of children rather than the pressure many of them feel to confirm in today’s society.


Either way, the conversation has made its way to other arenas.


And now, Dianna Williams, coach of the dance troupe the Dancing Dolls, featured on Lifetime’s show “Bring It” has been accused of doing the same thing in the dance routines she choreographs for her underage students.

In an interview with The Shade Room, Coach D. spoke about the comparison and explained her stance.

“Bring It and the Dancing Dolls organization are formatted to be a celebration of the rich tradition of HBCU majorette dance lines. Our work is a contribution to what has long been a cultural phenomenon, while creating a positive outlet for our girls.”

She also shared that twerking is not the inspiration behind the choreography.

“While I have much respect for all genres of dance, I choose to focus on a style that highlights the fusion of acrobats, ballet, hip hop, jazz and majorette that has become synonymous to the DD4L Brand-respectfully,” she said.

She shared that the routines are designed to be family-friendly and are parent-approved and offer an uplifting image of the dancers.

And as for the young actors who starred in Cuties and have found themselves in the midst of this media firestorm, Williams said, “I pray that their spirits stay lifted and that they remain encouraged.”

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