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Billionaire businessman, Francis Ogboro has cried out to Nigerians.

He has debunked the rumour spreading like wild harmattan fire that he is a business associate of embattled EFCC boss, Ibrahim Magu.

He said; “Ordinarily, I would not dignify rumours on social media with a response but sometimes, it is better to quickly nip such rumours in the bud before they assume a life of their own and people hold unto them as the Holy Grail without cross-checking the facts.”


“I am not a business partner to Mr Magu. I have met him before. I have never done any business with him. I only know him as every other Nigerian does as the boss of the anti-graft agency.”


“I take serious exception to any attempt to link me with him or insinuation that I serve as a conduit for him or his agents or even the agency to siphon money. I will not hesitate to bring to bear the full weight of the law on any media house or person that enables such rumours to fester.”

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