How To Extend The Life Of Fresh Produce

food storage ideas

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Well, the social distancing order and the economic shutdown just keeps getting extended. With death tolls now exceeding 500 in the US, the president is taking the doctor-ordered prolonged shutdown more seriously. At first, we all thought, “Okay, 14 days. I can do 14 days! That’s not so bad. I can keep myself busy for 14 days. It could be a nice break. I can stay away from friends for that long. And I can definitely stock up on enough supplies for 14 days, so I don’t need to hit the store again during that timeframe.” But then, 14 days became a month which became two months.



I understand the need for the extended protocol. I don’t know how the economy will survive it. I worry for my friends and family who are out of work. But I also know that, if we’d reopened by Easter, as the president at once hoped, we could have seen far more deaths on our hands. So, it’s more than 14 days. That leaves us with an issue. Well, many, many issues, but on the supply front, it means that we will have to go back to the stores, while this virus is still at large. It’s the fresh stuff that has us going back. I have plenty of canned foods and ways to use them. But we really shouldn’t just eat canned and frozen stuff for two months.


If you want to keep fresh fruits and veggies in your diet during this shutdown, you either have to go to the grocery store more than you’re comfortable with right now or you can learn how to extend the life of your fresh produce. Sometimes, it’s a simple matter of how we store our fruits and veggies that makes all the difference.

food storage ideas

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It’s always a shame to have your asparagus turn limp in a matter of days, but this food is notorious for doing so. If you’d planned on eating it raw, then you definitely don’t want this veggie to lose its crispness. Trim the ends of your stalks, store them in a jar of water, and put them in the fridge or on the counter to extend their life.

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