Have You And Your Partner Had These Serious COVID-19-Related Conversations?

Being married is hard. Being married in the midst of a global pandemic is even harder. As Americans attempt to adjust to their new normal of social distancing, nationwide shutdowns, and work-from-home life in response to the potentially deadly coronavirus, married and cohabitating couples who had previously found a groove are now forced to consider a variety of new factors to sustain their families in the face of COVID-19. A decision made by one party can put the entire household at risk, which can place couples under immense pressure and cause friction. Here are 10 conversations you should be having – or you definitely will, sooner or later.

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Not everyone is taking social distancing as seriously as others and many couples are finding themselves on opposite ends of the spectrum when it comes to this practice. Some are following governmental guidelines closely, only leaving the house for food, medicine, and outdoor exercise. Others are bending the rules, venturing out for meet-ups with friends and other unnecessary reasons.

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