Since my brother In-Law came to our home, I have not been Myself, lady laments –

My Husband’s Younger brother came visiting us after his Nysc Service. This is my first time meeting him, because my husband told me he was schooling abroad, and he could not make it down for wedding. he only came back to Nigeria for his Nysc Service year.

The very first I saw him at the door I Saw my Ideal man in him. Everything about him is what i have ever dream of in a man. He is tall, dark and he well built, without even undressing I am certain he has six packs.

I truly do love my husband, but since his younger brother came into our home, he is all i think of now. Since he has being staying with us, I and my husband have slept together because what is in my head is his brother.

I know this is wrong, but I just can’t help it. I am thinking of making a move on my brother in law soon.

I just hope this doesn’t ruin my marriage.

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