The war between Performing Musicians Employers Association of Nigeria (PMAN) and Copyright Society of Nigeria (COSON) has taken a fresh dimension.

PMAN President, Pretty Okafor and Chief Tony Okoroji, Chairman, COSON

PMAN in a statement by its president, Pretty Okafor, said;

“The National Working Committee (NWC) of PMAN hereby Call on all Right owners, Musicians, Labels and publishers to begin the immediate withdrawal of music catalogs from COSON, pending the forthcoming revocation of COSON’s operating license by the Nigeria Copyright Commission NCC, as demanded by PMAN and key stakeholders of the Nigerian Recording Industry.”

“You will recall that PMAN recently called on the NCC to revoke COSON’s license in its last press release.”

“However, following high level deliberations with key stakeholders in the music Industry, it appears that the complexity of the crisis at Coson could put Right Owners at risk of having their catalogs stuck under COSON , during the inevitable lengthy court processes that will follow the revocation of its license.”

“All Musicians and PMAN members are thereby advised to proceed and withdraw all their respective music catalogs from Coson to avoid the legal complications that may arise from the revocation of the License.”

“The PMAN President, Pretty Okafor assured stakeholders during consultative meetings via Skype that PMAN will work closely with the Nigeria Copyright Commission NCC and other Music industry Stakeholders to Streamline the Collective management landscape and to ensure that there won’t be anymore Rogue CMO such as COSON in the music industry ever again.”

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