Beauty Of 5: Grooming Products To Take Care Of The Men In Your Life

I have a feeling the phrase kitchen beautician is going to take on an even stronger meaning as the restrictions around our movement continue to grow even tighter in the wake of the Coronavirus. Most women have been doing their hair long enough to know how to at least manage a ponytail or ‘fro when they can’t get to a stylist, but for men who have spent their entire lives in the barber chair, well, these are proving to be very trying times.

We know women typically take care of all of the household purchases, including products for your partner, so if you’re stressing trying to figure out what the man in your life needs to take care of his hair without dipping into your stash, we’ve got you. Now if your man — or son — has a head full of curls like you, by all means let him dip his index finger into your favorite curly pudding or leave-in conditioner to make sure his strands stay moisturized. But if he’s bald, has a beard, or is trying to ride out ‘Rona with his waves, check out these five items that’ll take care of all of his needs.


Source: Bevel / Walker and Company

Men aren’t only missing out on shape-ups up top, but also on their face. Personally, I think this sounds like a great time for your man to join #BeardGang, but if your boo prefers a fresh face, make sure he has Bevel’s Priming Oil in his arsenal. The prepping product helps soften hair and skin by holding moisture in, which in turn protects from nicks, cuts, and razor bumps. Plus the smell of lavender, castor oil, and olive oil will make him irresistible. Try to maintain the recommended six feet of distancing if you can.

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