Gizelle Bryant and Jamal Bryant Deny Reconciling For The Cameras

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Last Autumn, the leaves weren’t the only things falling. Gizelle Bryant found herself caught up with an old flame, her ex-husband Pastor Jamal Bryant.

And while a formerly divorced couple reconciling wouldn’t be that strange of a story, people began speculating that the couple only reunited so that they could have a storyline for Gizelle on “Real Housewives of Potomac.”

The theories grew when blogger and social commentator Funky Dineva posted a video claiming that the reunion was for the purpose of the show.

It read: “Here’s some inside news about Gizelle Bryant and her made up, fake romance with her cheating, scandalous ex-husband, Pastor Jamal Bryant. Now first of all, Gizelle is the one who needs the Bravo checks more than Jamal. He’s just going along with the storyline for the publicity and the fame. Jamal has always been an opportunist and he loves cameras and any publicity. Gizelle claims she’s forgiven him for everything he did to her but does she actually want to be back with a man who caused her to have a mental breakdown and she had to check herself into a mental health facility because of all the cheating and humiliation Jamal put her through. Even her own family members, mother, father, sister and her older brother were embarrassed and humiliated by everything Jamal was doing to Gizelle. Listen, many people don’t know how Jamal has cheated on and humiliated Gizelle over 20 years. He has NEVER been faithful to any woman he’s been with in his life, including his multiple baby mothers. Jamal has always been a dog, unfaithful and a known notorious womanizer for years. He now lives and preaches in Atlanta at New Birth and his womanizing ways have not changed one bit, even in 2020. Gizelle expects everyone to believe he’s changed and it’s all lovey dovey again and it’s all lies. All of the women that Jamal has been involved with over the years has not ended well. He hurt all of them bad…he was unfaithful to singer Tweet, he also treated the mothers of his children horrible…If Gizelle is even thinking about going remarrying Jamal and trying to be first lady again, the embarrassment and humiliation the second time around will be even worse…”



Well, the Bryants must have gotten wind of these rumors. And just in time for the day of love,  the couple responded to Dineva with a silent clapback via Instagram photo.



Check out pictures of the couple together on the following pages.

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