Boyfriend is left heartbroken at girlfriend’s workplace

Valentine surprise went bad for a young man, as he was left heartbroken after he visited his girlfriend’s workplace to surprise her with flowers.

Valentine Surprise Goes Bad_ Boyfriend is left heartbroken at girlfriend's workplace lailasnews

According to Twitter user, @IamCatchvibe, the young-man visited his girlfriend’s workplace, only to discover that she was absent.

Despite them spending the night together, and she not telling him about her plans that she was going to skip work, he was told by her manager that she was absent for the day.

He went on to call her to inquire about her where-about, but not knowing that he was at her workplace, she insisted that she was in the office.

This left the unnamed young-man stressed and heartbroken, as he left the workplace distraught.

See what @IamCatchvibe wrote below;

Boyfriend went to the girlfriend’s workplace to surprise her with flowers 💐
Girl wasn’t at work.
He called her, girl said she is at work.
But everyone including the manager told him, she didn’t come to work

Man if leaving, heartbroken, stressed

Think about it
Your own woman, you been dating for years. Staying the same place with, Oneday she wakes up saying she is going to work
You then there and the boss says SHE IS NOT HERE. NEVER BEEN HERE TODAY.

You call her ” baby, where are you
Her : Iam at work my love

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