There’s nothing good about poverty, it’ll kill you faster – Nigerian doctor says –

A Nigerian doctor has said that poverty is not a virtue and anyone in such class should not be proud of it.

Taking to his Twitter account, @aproko_doctor using Lagos as a case study, said that there’s no good side to being poor, as exposure to different hazards while living in slums can shorten one’s lifespan. He made the statement in reaction to report that being rich helps you stay healthy longer.

The doctor who also noted that Lagos State has the highest population of people with tuberculosis, also stressed the adverse effects of using molue buses stating that ‘poverty will kill you faster’. “There’s nothing good about poverty.

For example, Lagos State has the highest population of people with Tuberculosis in Nigeria “Now imagine the slums, imagine the immune system of people not getting enough from diet. Imagine molue buses. Poverty will kill you faster,” he tweeted.


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