YouTube confirms it has removed some of President Trump’s campaign ads


A number of President Donald Trump campaign ads have been prevented by YouTube from running on its platform in this election season while exact reasons behind YouTube decisions are unclear.

According to CBS’s “60 Minutes” report on Sunday, no fewer than 300 Trump campaign ads have been taken down from YouTube and Google this year.

While reacting to the development, YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki told CBS in an interview that more information about the ads can be found on Google’s ad transparency website.

Wojcicki’s response however underscores how little information Google provides to users about ads that have been removed. Ads that have been taken down, for example, cannot be viewed in the ad transparency tool due to what Google’s website says are “technical limitations.” Users can only see that a particular ad has been blocked not its content.


Twitter has also announced plans to ban politicians and SuperPACs from advertising on its platform. Facebook has drawn scrutiny for allowing politicians to run false ads.


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