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We have been talking about Lena Waithe’s series “Twenties” for years now. We first wrote about it in 2013. And then again in 2014, when we learned that the series was set to air on BET. Since then, Lena Waithe has been a busy bee. She’s produced “Dear White People,” created “The Chi” for Showtime and a “Boomerang” sequel for BET. And most recently she wrote the screenplay for the hit film Queen and Slim.

But “Twenties” is obviously still close to her heart because she always comes back to it. The project is still set to air on BET next year.


And this time there’s a trailer attached to the project. (An entirely different trailer from the one that was released in 2014.)


The latest iteration of the eight-episode series, according to Shadow and Act, follows the “adventures of a queer Black girl named Hattie (Jonica “JoJo” T. Gibbs) and her friends Marie (Chrstina Elmore) and Nia (Gabrielle Graham) as they chase their dreams and live life in their twenties.”

The first season will boast some star-studded guests, including Big Sean, Rick Fox, Vanessa Williams, Seth Green, Iman Schumpert, Kym Whitley and the legendary Jenifer Lewis.

Waithe will produce the series along with Susan Fales-Hill (who is also the co-showrunner), Rishi Rajani and Andrew Coles.

You can check out descriptions of each character below.

Jonica “JoJo” T. Gibbs will play “ Hattie,”  who is an aspiring television writer who dreams of glory, but seems incapable of holding down a regular job. Not one to sweat the small stuff — like being evicted — Hattie doesn’t let much faze her, and when in doubt or trouble, she turns to her best friends, Nia and Marie for help. She’s a lesbian who always falls for straight women. Out of cash and desperate for a break, Hattie interviews with Ida B., a successful Black television writer/producer who calls her out on some shady tweets Hattie made some years prior. But when Ida B. offers Hattie a job as a writer’s PA, Hattie may finally have her foot planted firmly on the ladder of Hollywood success.

Christina Elmore will play  “Marie,”  a young feature film executive at Monument Pictures with a seemingly perfect life with her seemingly perfect boyfriend, Chuck. One of Hattie’s best friends, Marie does everything by the book, and although she loves Hattie, she is always lecturing Hattie about her carefree lifestyle. She and Chuck reluctantly take in Hattie while she gets on her feet.

Gabrielle Graham will play “Nia,” a “Trinidadian goddess” and “a lady in every sense of the word” who has been taught by her female relatives in the islands to hold herself in high esteem, especially in her dealings with men. Best friends with Marie and Hattie, Nia is an evolved, serene yet delightfully offbeat yoga instructor who longs to meet her ideal mate and get back to her true passion, acting.

Sophina Brown will play “Ida B.,” An Intelligent and sophisticated the successful writer and producer, who has made her mark in Hollywood. While a tough lover, she finds a soft spot for Hattie and gives her the opportunity to work on her current show “Cocoa’s Butter.”

Sean Michael “Big Sean” Leonard Anderson will play “Tristan,” a student in Nia’s yoga class.   Tristan is a bit of a Luddite; he doesn’t have a cellphone, rejects a lot of modern technology’s triumphs, and may be more of a nut than Nia can handle. In fact, Tristan is not a serial killer who flies under the radar to evade the law, he just believes in leading a natural life without the false dopamine hits that come from selfies and text messages and social media.

You can watch the trailer for the series in the video below.

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