“It’s Not A Priority Right Now” Chrissy Lampkin Talks Marriage Plans With Jim Jones


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One of the most memorable moments from “Love and Hip Hop” history is Chrissy Lampkin buying a ring, getting down on one knee and proposing to her longtime boyfriend, rapper Jim Jones in 2011.

If you’ll recall, Jones never said yes in that moment. Instead, he said “I’m witchu.” Personally, I remember it as cringeworthy. Since then Chrissy and Jim have remained together but there has been no talk of wedding bells.


Recently Chrissy, who is returning to “Love and Hip Hop” appeared on “The Real.” Naturally, the panelist had to ask her about the status of her relationship and whether the two planned to get married any time soon.


In response, Chrissy said, “To be honest with you, it’s not a priority anymore. Our relationship is in a good place. I thought that that was like the natural progression, but it’s not for everybody. So we’re good right now.”

I definitely don’t believe that everyone needs to be married. Because like she said, it’s not for everyone. But I do wonder is marriage not for Jim or is it not for the both of them. Who knows.

You can watch Chrissy discuss this and her return to “Love and Hip Hop” in the video below.

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