Cardi B makes way to her Hotel covering her Nose

Cardi B makes way to her Hotel covering her Nose - Nigerians react (Video)

Cardi B has arrived Lagos, Nigeria and while walking into her hotel room she was seen covering her nose with a scarf.

Nigerians have now taken to their social media pages asking why Cardi B was covering her nose while some people outside Nigeria claim she must have heard something about the country.

Watch the video below.

See some reactions below.

Y’all better tell #CardiB to stay in #Nigeria if she is coming to #Ghana to cover her nose.. yoo!! “Because we in Ghana we don’t know Santa Claus..” Obama koraa came here.. muteee! – @bunbazz1

I heard she is covering her nose🤣 she should be careful naija go drag am if she behaves anyhow. We don’t take shit from anyone. Ask Kim Kardashian #CardiB – @chiimaobim

Nigeria is smelling or what? I am not understanding why she covered her nose – @BeccaMelanin

I love the way Nigeria honors her guest…if its us that went to their country now no body goes honor us…this one even come here day cover nose…as if new york no smell pass here…anyways she’s highly welcome…its not easy – @isaiah25700

Is Nigeria is smelling ? What’s she feeling like 🙄 – @maxrayofficial

Why did she have to cover her nose. Reminds me of the era of Slavery. – @Isaac_Fortunes

She is trying to hide her face not cover her nose cos of odour – @Global_Bolew

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