Cardi B covers her nose as she made way into her hotel in Nigeria (Video)

Below is a video showing rapper Cardi B with her nose covered with a bandana-like material as she made way into her hotel after arriving Nigeria.

The mother of one is in the country to perform at a show dubbed Livespot X Festival. The event will be taking place at the Eko Atlantic Victoria Island on the 7th of December.

Watch the video of her arrival at her hotel with her nose covered:

Recently, Cardi B shared the relationship she has with God as she clocked 27-years old.

The Grammy Award-winning rapper revealed that no matter how big she gets, she would never think she’s too big for God.

She tweeted: “I will never think I’m too big for God. God knows my feelings knows my sensitivity knows my emotions knows my I’m ever wrong I ask God forgiveness because what I might is right is wrong but I ask for forgiveness from the LORD Not to YOU!

“Hate when people say bring up God to justify what I do. No. I bring up God because he is the one that knows how I really is the one that hears my prayers, the one who knows what makes me s My intentions and I don’t take his name for vain.” READTonto Dikeh shares message she received from assassin paid to kill her

She added: “People out here talking bout other people karma and how they heart works while constantly pushing hatred propaganda, how that works, mhhhmm how your heart work ?but the more people trey to destroy me the MORE I RISE! Facts!”

Cardi B nose covered
Cardi B nose covered

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