Popular Nigerian influencer Uduak is Bae arrested with drugs in Cyprus

Popular Nigerian brand influencer, Uduakabasi Emmanuel aka Uduak is bae, has been arrested in Cyprus over the possession of illicit drugs.

Uduak is currently studying at a University in the country.

Popular Nigerian influencer Uduak is Bae arrested with drugs in Cyprus

Uduak, who appeared in court on Saturday, was arrested on Wednesday after the police and narcotics team found 3 parcels of drugs in her apartment during a raid.

After her arraignment, she was granted bail of 5,000 TL (about N320k) because she is a student, but told to be reporting at the police station, twice in a week as her trial continues.

Uduak came to limelight in 2016 when she engaged in a Twitter fight with a friend identified as Madonna over allegation of cocaine abuse, theft and alleged lesbianism.

According to a report by LIB, Madonna accused Uduak of coming to her home and stealing from her. She said Uduak stole her mifi, (Moblie wifi), money and makeup belonging to her friend. Madonna revealed when she confronted Uduak via phone, she went on to Twitter to indirectly insult her. Hence she had no choice but to publicly call her out and disgrace her.

Uduak responded and admitted to taking the wifi. She said she wanted to get an hotel but Madonna was the one who invited her over. Uduak then threatened Madonna, saying ‘You are a big girl but your shouting because of 15k mifi? Madonna needs to shut the fuck up before I send videos of her doing cocaine to her father’. She went on to accuse Madonna of hiding her drug addiction from her parents, her curfew at home is 8pm , etc.

Madonna @6ftHobbit replied saying Uduak was just supposed to spend a night but ended up spending four days. That she stole things and ran away while her friends searched for them. When she attempted to message her in private, she blocked her and everyone who knew of her theft.

Uduak responded by finally agreeing to return the Mifi, saying she l’ll send it through an Uber taxi. Madonna revealed it was a lie and said she’ll be filing a police report whether Uduak likes it or not. That she was just a broke ass girl who couldn’t afford to pay for hotel or a 13k buffet service.

Making matters even worse, Madonna revealed that Uduak is a lesbian who hooked up with another friend on her bed and disturbed her parents with the noise. She also responded to Uduak’s threat of telling her father about her cocaine habit, saying someone already beat her to it and that’s why she has a curfew and is on watch 24/7.

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