NeNe Leakes Says She Is “Not The Same NeNe” After Greg’s Battle With Cancer

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On the latest episode of “Real Housewives Of Atlanta,” NeNe Leakes opened up about how Greg’s battle with cancer affected her personally. NeNe was Greg’s caretaker during his sickness and his illness eventually took a toll on her.

“I am definitely not the same NeNe as I was last year,” NeNe said on the episode.

“Before Gregg got diagnosed with cancer, we were already in a tough place. It was probably the worst thing we’ve been through.”

The 51-year-old was very candid about not being very skilled in the caretaker role.

“I’m just not good. I’m not good at fluffing the pillow; I’m good at buying the pillow,” she told PEOPLE.

NeNe also said that Greg’s cancer battle changed the overall dynamic of their marriage.

“He’s changed as a person, his attitude changed,” NeNe said. “I feel like that day, I lost my husband. Our whole dynamic changed. Sometimes I forget that he’s sick and I need to remind myself because he’s so on the edge. He’s not nice, but he can’t help it.”

In order to get herself back together, NeNe started seeing comfort and advise from a spiritual guru.

“I’ve been working with a spiritual advisor,” NeNe said. “She helps me with not just my personal relationship with my husband, but with my girlfriends, how to move forward.”

While NeNe and Greg are actively doing the work of repairing their relationship, there is one connection that seems irreconcilable right now–NeNe’s friendship with Cynthia.

“Cynthia and I’s falling out is very different than me having any falling out [with] any other girl in this group because we were very close,” NeNe said on of their tense relationship. “So my fear is our friendship will never be the same.”

Greg encouraged his wife to admit her wrong in it and move forward.

Own up to what your involvement was,” he said. “Own up to that.”

“I know I’ve been petty,” NeNe said. “I’m in a different head space now.”

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