Life Of Man Is Hard, Bovi Laments |Nigerian news|

BoviNigerian comedian, actor and writer Bovi has taken to Instagram to lament the responsibilities that comes with being a man.

According to Bovi, the life of a man is hard in the sense that he never stops paying bills.

The comedian said he wondered why he cannot be gifted an Iphone, while also stating that he ended up paying for a phone that was once gifted to him.

Bovi wrote “life of man is hard,! All I wake up to do is pay bills, can’t I wake up and see Iphone 11? the only free phone I got in my life, I ended up paying for it.”

I Want To Be Most Expensive Gold Digger – Bovi

Bovi recently said he plans to become the most expensive goal digger in his “next life.”

This platform understands that the father of two disclosed this ambition on Instagram, saying: “In my next life I want to come as the most expensive gold digger

“To say hello-5M. Peck-10M. Kiss- landed property in banana island. Sex- 40% of your will. And if you don’t die before I’m 30, I will activate the 500M buyout clause in your will.”

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