Lady walks in on her boyfriend sleeping with his ex-girlfriend, the next thing she did was crazy (videos)


Moments showing a lady engage in a nasty fight  with a half naked lady who was nabbed sleeping with her boyfriend has gone viral.

Friends of the guy in question who snitched on him,  informed the lady  that her boyfriend was having sex with his ex-girlfriend. And the lady angrily stormed the room and dealt brutally with the ex-girlfriend who was half naked.

Friends of the lady’s boyfriend first confirmed that he hooked up with his ex-girlfriend as they were heard telling the main chick about the hook-up before she went upstairs.


And people that witnessed the scenerio said that the boy’s mother knew that her son was cheating on his girlfriend with his ex-girlfriend identified as Kayla but didn’t want to get involved. Things however went south in the incident which occurred in Atlanta, United States.


Here is the video and an eyewitness account below.


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