I Have Created 157,000 – Obaseki


Governor Godwin Obaseki of Edo State has made a revelation.

He said; “I have done what many politicians will not do. During my campaign, I promised to create a minimum of 200,000 jobs within my first term, through the Edo Skills Development Agency (Edojobs).”

“Politicians won’t give themselves such targets in case they don’t meet it. If the government gives the youths the needed support, you will see that 200,000 jobs will be a piece of cake.”


“Today, I am glad and happy that at the last count, we have created 157,000 jobs in Edo. The facts about the jobs are available for anyone to verify.”


“It is not just me saying it; you can find this in a publication – Business Day. They undertook an independent evaluation and told me that the skills development agency was able to create 45, 000 through job tracking.”

“From the records, 3,500 jobs were created through jobs matching and placement, 23,000 jobs through Edo Innovation Jobs, 1,300 jobs from Edo food and agriculture cluster, and 15,000 jobs from Edo Production Centre.”

“We have also created 12,000 jobs from the National Social Investment Programme, 10,000 from the Ministry of Wealth Creation, and 32,000 indirect jobs. The data is all there and you can verify them.”

“The introduction of Edojobs was to help the youth to retrace their direction in life.”

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