How lady who was mocked for marrying an Okirika seller had the last laugh 10 years later (photos)

A Businessman has made his wife laugh after 10 years of being married to him.

Back then, she was ridiculed for getting pregnant for him, an ‘ordinary okirika seller’ and having a shotgun wedding that included him borrowing a suit and a car.

After the court wedding, his new wife wasn’t impressed with her
wedding picture because she was heavily pregnant. But the man said he
promised he would recreate her wedding picture for her, but in a more
beautiful environment.

Sharing the photo on his IG page, he wrote ;

She was RIDICULED for accepting to be my WIFE 10 years
ago. They said “that BOY wey dey sell okrika clothes na you carry BELLE

Not to disappoint her, I gathered little money, rushed
down to OREDO LOCAL GOVERNMENT REGISTRY to quickly do the registry and
legalized our marriage. With the support of my friend PRINCE HARRISON
AYONOTE (he gave me his car for free and also gave me the suit I wore )
and AZETA OMOAGHE ensured all logistics was put in place. Now let’s cut
the long story short, my WIFE said the picture then wasn’t too
interesting because she was almost 8 months gone.

I told her never to WORRY , that as time progresses I
will replicate the registry but in another level (Upgrade). This year
JUNE 13th , I decided to surprise her during our 10th ANNIVERSARY to
celebrate her in one of the world’s best islands (SANTORINI ISLAND IN
GREECE). Had to share this for the love of throwback and whatever you
are going through today, it is not permanent just keep pushing. #tbt

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