Daddy Freeze Reacts As ‘Devil Tried To Kill Frank Edwards’ Mum’ 

daddy freeze
daddy freeze

Gospel singer Frank Edwards has narrated how his mum almost died, after which controversial OAP, Daddy Freeze took a swipe at him for accusing the devil of attempting to kill her.

Edwards, in an Instagram post wrote “so the devil tried to kill my mum yesterday, I was told this afternoon and I was laughing. Devil e be like say you no know this woman.”

“Praise the Lord with me fam I was worshiping God all through yesterday I didn’t know I was fighting a battle Don’t joke with worship fam!!! the singer wrote.

Reacting to Edwards’ claim, Daddy Freeze said he wondered when the devil built an office in Lagos, where he kills people.

The OAP, while condemning the singer’s post said he has never seen a bible portion where it appeared that the devil killed someone.

Sharing Edwards’ post on his handle, Daddy Freeze said: “My dear brother I’m glad that your mother is doing well now.

“However, you have publicized another popular misconception that forms the core of the current ‘christian’ belief system in Nigeria, that has no basis in scripture or theology.”

“This delusion has enjoyed great prominence in the minds of Nigerian Christians, who were erroneously schooled into believing unscriptural distortions by greedy charlatans, making a fortune off them.”

“Satan NEVER killed anyone in the entire bible, Both the Old and the New testaments attest to this, so why has he suddenly opened office in Nigeria to kill the parents of gospel musicians?”

Hours ago, Daddy Freeze described Yul Edochie’s post as antiChrist-like after the actor shared his opinion about praying for one’s enemies.

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