For Wife Appreciation Day: Things To Thank Your Spouse For

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Though Wife Appreciation Day doesn’t get as much attention as Mother’s Day does—I for one haven’t seen any Wife Appreciation Day cards yet—perhaps it should. I’m sure a lot of wives out there would say that they put in just as much time and energy taking care of their spouses as they do their children (if they have any). You know how men can be: they find their life partner, and suddenly a little part of them thinks new mommy. Okay maybe that’s creepy and not quite true, but most married up men I know rely on their wives for a lot. And I get it: women are just good like that. We know how to handle mood swings and anticipate needs. There is so much to thank your wife for today, starting with this.



For understanding you with one look

By just grabbing a quick glance at you, she knows if you want to leave the party right now or if you need to be saved from a conversation. She can tell if you’re obsessing over something you shouldn’t be, and she should save you from yourself. All it takes is a look.


For making bad days good

Somehow, days you thought would never turn around end with tons of laughter, all because you get to end them with your wife. You truly feel, at the end of a sh*t day, that your life is good when your wife is by your side.


For getting how annoying that coworker is

She completely understands what you mean about that coworker. Perhaps nobody else gets it, but she does. He’s so subtly condescending it could make you want to rip your hair out. She gets it. And she’ll roast him at home with you.


And agreeing that your family is nuts

She also understands that your family is nuts. She has witnessed it. She has been in the trenches with you when your mom threw one of her tantrums and locked herself in her room or when your dad woke everyone up early to see a meteor shower that was, whoops, last week.


But loving them anyways

And even though she knows your family is crazy, she loves them anyways. She wouldn’t choose another set of in-laws. She gladly goes to thanksgiving dinner with you, knowing that at one point your sister and your dad will be yelling at each other.


For letting you be a big baby

Sometimes you’re a big baby and your wife tolerates it. Sometimes, you just want to lie on the couch, be lazy and grumpy and have her coddle you. And she allows it—well, only when you really need it. She also tells you to cut it out at the right time.


For sending you funny videos

She sends you those ridiculous videos and memes while you’re at work. Some of them are hilarious. Some are not, but it’s so cute that she finds them funny. Either way, she adds levity to your life.


For letting you be gross

You know you’re nasty sometimes. You go to the bathroom with the door open. You hold your fart, just so you can walk over to her and let it out by her. You ask her to examine rashes in weird places. And even though it makes her cringe, she also gets that you only do it because you feel that comfortable with her—which she likes.


For embracing your weird friend

She has embraced that weird friend in your life. He doesn’t know how to talk to women. She really doesn’t understand what you see in him. But, you say he’s important to you, so she makes an effort. She lets him come over, knowing he’s going to say some weird stuff.


For not letting you be so stubborn

When you’re being impossibly stubborn, she just calls you out. She forces you to call your brother and apologize for that dumb thing you said. She forces you to apply for that awesome job, even though you had a high school rivalry with the man who’d be your boss.


For telling you when you’re unreasonable

She also tells you when you’re just wrong. When you’re being unreasonable, and you’re upset but have no right to be, she stands her ground. She won’t apologize to you for things she didn’t do wrong. She waits for you to realize you’re being too sensitive.


For making early wakeups better

Waking up at 4am to go to the airport is just better with her. You get to nap on each other on the plane. You get to share junk food together at the food court. You get to try to read your books but pause to tell each other about them.


For fixing your style

Your fashion was a little whack when you two met and you know it. You had some wardrobe updates that needed to be made and she—in her gentle way—nudged you in the right direction. Now you look presentable.


For budgeting with you

Don’t forget that there are a lot of superficial, spoiled individuals out there who just marry for money. But your wife is down for the cause of living on a budget and sticking with you when all you two can afford to do is pick up pizza and cheap beer. She just wants to be with you.


For forgiving your libido

Your libido isn’t what it used to be and she doesn’t make you feel (too) bad about it. She doesn’t laugh when you’re too sad after watching some documentary about a retired wrestler to have sex.

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