3 celebrity secrets busted by bloggers but doubted by Nigerians

The set of people Nigerians doubt a lot are bloggers who work themselves up to dish them entertainment and lifestyle news.

However, their effort towards ensuring fans are well informed about happenings in the life of their favorite celebrity often gets queried and looked down on.

Recently, bloggers dished out information about Tboss’ pregnancy, Toyin Abraham’s pregnancy and secret wedding and also Chioma’s pregnancy for Davido, but none of it was believed to be true.

Bloggers were ridiculed when the celebrities in question came out to debunk their reports as rumors.

Tboss didn’t only debunk news of her pregnancy once but several times, despite being spotted at a diagnostic centre.

Toyin Abraham didn’t utter a word about her pregnancy and secret marriage, instead she allowed her husband Kolawole Ajeyemi to do the talking.

In a social media post, he debunked news of an affair with the actress as false and even healed curses on bloggers who reported it.

Chioma’s own case saw her posting cryptic messages in denial of the pregnancy for Davido.

Well, recent happenings have shown that bloggers have been right after all. Toyin Abraham and Kolawole Ajeyemi have not only come out as married couples but have also welcomed a baby girl.

Tboss has also welcomed a baby after all the months of denying she was pregnant.

What about Chioma? She’s now proudly flaunting her baby bump for the world to see after Davido proposed to her.

All three findings by bloggers which Nigerians rubbushed as rumors are now seen to be true.

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