Singer Lands In Hospital As S3x Enhancement Goes Wrong

Danny Polaris (source: Instagram)
Danny Polaris (source: Instagram)

British jazz singer, Danny Polaris has landed in the hospital after he had unprescribed erection enhancing drug injected into his penis.

OfofoBlogunderstands that Polaris who is also gay has been battling the painful erection for two weeks, after a hook up with a nurse.

In a bid to get his erection under control, medics have tried pushing a 7in plastic nail down his urethra without anesthetic and jabbing needles into his penis to withdraw blood, but those excruciating methods haven’t helped.

According to reports, the singer wakes up crying in his hospital bed fearing his penis has permanent damage and there is a possibility  that his penis would be amputated.

Sharing his pains, the singer said ´“I met a nurse, who I went home with, who ended up injecting an erection enhancer into my c**k. I thought ‘why not, what could possibly go wrong?”

Polaris described the pain as a 10/10 as he had wondered “what could possibly go wrong” but now admits it was “one of the worst decisions of my life”.

His friends have however, set up a GoFundMe to raise money for things to “make Danny more comfortable” as the singer warned others of the dangers of taking unprescribed enhancers.

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