Pastor T.D. Jakes Will Now Be Known As Bishop “The Drip” Jakes

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We all remember the moment when Bishop T.D. Jakes stepped into his full Migos glory after he wore a bright-colored Versace polo shirt last summer.

The photo went viral after radio host Charlamagne Tha God dubbed the famous pastor Bishop “The Drip” Jakes, therefore opening the gates of heaven to bestow upon us a multitude of Black Twitter’s reactions. The nickname served as a double entendre referring to his fashion, and the initials of his first and middle name.

At first Bishop was a little confused and had to hold his mule because he thought folks were inferring that he was literally dripping with sweat.

But after we cleared it up for him, he’s given us multiple praiseworthy fashion lewks on the ‘gram.

On Tuesday, Bishop Jakes opened up the flood gates again after he personally took on the nickname that we’ve wanted him to acknowledge for so long. He posted a photo of himself looking out into the distance with a blue pinstriped suit with a hint of turquoise, paired with a similarly colored vest and eloquently captioned the photo, “Bishop ‘The Drip’ Jakes.

Black Twitter responded with a “say no more fam,” and came with the memes, the phrases and the wit to accompany Bishop Jakes’ photo. While most people thought it was a fun moment, others criticized the pastor for playing into secular ideology.

Whatever the case may be, the new nickname definitely got a huge response from all walks of Twitter. Click through to see some of the best reactions.

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