Cardi B Explains Why She Won’t Go On A Headlining Tour

“I find it so funny that people that ARE NOT FANS have the biggest concerns on why haven’t I done a tour. Welp because here you go, let me break it down for you,” she captioned on the deleted post. “Let’s say if I go on tour and I do 600K a night right… sounds good but let’s get in the touring business shall we? Stage production gotta be massive since the fans pay massive so just on stage and production I will have to put about 450K maybe more a night since you know Bardigang deserve everything. Don’t forget, outfit, makeup, hair, I’ll be left with like 150k a night.”

Cardi posted what she is grossing from her gigs and her stance is understandable.  She headlined the BET Experience Weekend and brought home $500,000. Her performance at the Palms Resort and Casino earned her $300,000. She performed at the Open Air Frauenfeld in Europe on July 11th and she raked in $900,000.

“Now why would I do that now when I can go on tour on my second album while I get festival and independent Cardi concerts. Money??? Mhhhhhmmmmmm… You see ya might think I’m dumb cause my attitude or the way I think but one thing bout Bardi I loveeeee money and I know how to make it …I hope I answer ya question …Thank you. Just stop it already.”

Besides being booked for the summer, Cardi is also starring in the Hustlers film alongside Jennifer Lopez and Lizzo, which will hit theaters September 13th.

Take a look at the major coins Cardi is raking in below.

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