Robbers attack Cubana ED, minutes after arriving Nigeria from Spain

Robbers attack the executive director of Cubana night club after arriving Nigeria from Spain. Robbers attack rich bar owner popularly known as Cubana chiefpriest on Instagram while in traffic on arrival to Nigeria from Spain.

In the video he shared, the passenger’s side window of his car was smashed by the robbers in attempt to rob him while in traffic. He laments on why it is not good to move around in Nigeria without an escort. He says henceforth, he will not make a mistake of moving around lowkey again, he will have to always move with Police escorts.

He wrote;

Imagine, welcome back to Nigeria, dem wan rob me for traffic, dem no no say i be Aba Boy

Na why e no good to go low key for Nigeria you always need police to guide and protect you, the mistake no go happen again, Na To Dey Carry police up and down

Which Nigeria?

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