Ali Baba promises heavy defeat of FIRS football team in friendly match


Ali Baba



Foremost comedian, Ali Baba, has promised that the comic team would defeat the Federal Inland Revenue Service (FIRS) football team heavily in their upcoming friendly match.

The match
is scheduled to take place on Saturday, June 15.

Ali Baba,
53, promised a resounding victory in an Instagram post on Friday.

“Its pay
back time We are going to decimate FIRS. We will beat the living daylight out
of them. No mercy. 13-0 loading. They will not be in a good mood after the
match. Enn… 👆
walahi… they will not like the consequences of this match.

“I just
pity the people they will investigate after the match. You will be so made go
pay. In fact, you will wonder what you did wrong. The number of players we have
is too much. We are planing to play only 9 men to FIRS 11 men. They can even
add Fowler, to make it 12 men. We will still trash them. You can come and watch
us finish them. We need international observers ooo. Because, FIRS can afford
mercenaries ooo. We want it to be tree and fair,” he wrote.

In April, Ali Baba had fired a warning to ladies with
unexplainable sources of wealth, telling them that the tax commission will soon
come after them.

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